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Unconventional Thinking. 

Unparalleled Support. 

Steve Harbeson, CEO

Steve is an unconventional thinker and proven performer in both military and civilian life. He has over 30 years of federal and military experience in Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD), naval special warfare, diving, program management and advanced professional training. He is a decorated combat veteran who served during Operations Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom.  His superb leadership skills were demonstrated under a wide variety of stressful conditions throughout his professional career.  During combat operations he flawlessly orchestrated time sensitive mission planning and real time battle tracking while maintaining liaison with higher headquarters and joint warfighting staffs. 

Steve is nationally recognized in countering the threat of weapons of mass destruction.  He has, singlehandedly, orchestrated national level activities in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  His expanded experience base includes many years as Program Director for a defense research laboratory, where he was a cornerstone in supporting a diverse customer base to address some of the Nation's most challenging technical problems in personal protective equipment, threat detection, sample collection, production processes, and decontaminating personnel and equipment.

 When Steve isn't working, he can be found using his critical thinking skills as he navigates dirt single track challenges in Prescott, AZ.  His passion for dirtbiking began as a child and continues today.

Laura Vanderberg
Chief Scientist/Leadership Coach

During her career as a scientist and advisor, Laura, in parallel, has been a student of soft skills and human behavior.  She is passionate about helping others who, like her, have had to make the transition from "techie" to people manager.  She coaches and offers training programs to share how to work effectively with others and be successful in the transition.  

Laura's career has been wide and varied.  She started as a bench scientist and staff member at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where she successfully  obtained and executed many basic and applied research programs.  After a number of years, she realized that she wanted to make more of a difference, and transitioned to being a science advisor for the US Special Operations Command.  There, she was involved in a wide range of activities from tactical to strategic.  Laura developed and taught nuclear, chemical and biological defense curricula, served as liaison between the military and science communities, and was involved in developing tools, techniques and procedures to support CBRNE defense.  She was intimately involved in technology development and planning activities in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Her diverse interests took her on a sidetrack when she sought out yoga to help with stress-related health issues.  The effect of this time-honored practice wasn't lost on her, and she became a student of yoga practice and philosophy.  Along with her science work, Laura became a certified and experienced yoga teacher (ERYT500) and later a certified yoga therapist (CIAYT) to help clients heal in a deeper, more personal way.  She started the only yoga studio in Cody, WY, and ran a studio for more than 10 years.  Laura loves sharing yoga and travel, and leads international yoga vacations, from Peru to Iceland, where she combines the best that a country has to offer with yoga classes and community.  

Laura never fully left the scientific community, and worked remotely for the likes of Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and Oklahoma State University Multispectral Laboratories.  She served as Chief Scientist at the latter, headed the mentoring program, conducted team building activities and successfully managed a team remotely.  She is exceptional at communicating across disciplines and at mentoring current and future scientists.  During this time, she formalized her coach training and was recently credentialed an Professonal Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation.  She works with leaders to improve communication, to connect more deeply, to identify individual and organizational why and hows, to enhance productivity, and to increase employee retention and well-being.  Her emphasis as a coach is on helping leaders grow into their full potential. She has coordinated and facilitated international meetings and workshops, and has authored a variety of reports on subjects of national importance. 

Laura continues to consult and coach through Newton Services, LLC and she is a certified NeuroColor facilitator.  She has one question for you- how can she help?



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