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What we can do for you.


Newton Services, LLC offers unparalleled responsiveness, flexibility and access.  The team is well known for its quality work, overdelivery and experience working with organizations where failure is not an option.  We will partner with you to find a solution to your complex problems.

Newton Services is a multi-service organization, offering all aspects of support to address your problems.  Below is a list (not all-inclusive) of the types of services we offer.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about what keeps you awake at night.

  • Advanced professional training. From needs analysis to execution, Newton Services will conduct a needs analysis, work to create specific training programs to support your current and up-and-coming leaders.  Individual coaching can be included to assist with overcoming specific challenges. Program delivery is in-person or virtually through your preferred platform.  All programs are highly interactive and combine facilitated discussion with experiential learning.  If you want to get started right away, consider a self-paced training program!  Just click the button below. 

  •  Subject Matter Expertise. Our team has years and years of experience solving complex technical problems - from conducting basic science to testing and evaluating state of the art technologies. How can we help you?

  •  Logistics. With any activity, planning is critical. We can coordinate the master plan, help you with logistical issues, and ensure that activities are executed on time and within budget.

  • Analysis. If you want to compare apples to apples, we can help you get there. Our background in technology development, analysis, execution and program management ensures that you get a quality product that addresses your needs and concerns. 

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